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Can Soccer Help Kids Do Better in School—and Life?

We tend to divide activities into either mental or physical, failing to see how the mind and body truly interact.

At Kearny FC, we see soccer as a way to help kids develop in all aspects of their lives—and it turns out there is science to back this up.

Researchers have found that kids who play sports and exercise are more likely to have improved mental health and do better in school.

One study showed that kids do better academically if they also get to exercise and play games outside.

They even found that increasing study time can make kids do worse than those who studied less but got to play games, too.

That may seem counter-intuitive in our current culture, where we tend to pile on homework and stress over standardized tests.

But the idea that sports can improve academics makes sense when we recognize that kids best develop when mental and physical growth are combined.

That's why we do not see playing games like soccer as trivial to childhood development. They are essential.

Sports are one of the most powerful ways we can encourage a child's mental, physical, and social growth.

As humans, we are meant to push ourselves both physically and mentally. That's how we develop to our full potential. The mind and body work in unison.

Humans are social creatures. We need to learn how to interact with others and work together to overcome challenges. What we learn in childhood sets the stage for the rest of our lives.

Through team sports, kids develop interpersonal skills. They learn to honor their commitments, encourage their teammates, and show respect to each other, their mentors, and even their opponents.

On one hand, soccer is "just a game," and we want our athletes to have fun playing it.

But we also know it has the potential to mean so much more.

As soccer coaches, we see ourselves as mentors to the next generation, guiding them toward future success.

And we would love to have your kid on our team.

To see about enrolling your kid in Kearny FC, contact us about tryouts.


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