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  • What are the different levels of youth soccer?
    Generally speaking: 1) Children normally start out playing soccer at local clubs from U5-U10 and typically play semi-competitive matches against other clubs from the same state. 2) From around U10 - U14 the clubs separate kids into different teams with the best players on the top clubs playing at a higher level in leagues + tournaments. There are scouts at these games to identify top players from each region and create a pool of players for a statewide and regional ODP (Olympic Development Program). Players from U14 until U18 (high school) boys can either try out for a U.S. Soccer Development Academy. Generally speaking: U5-U8: Pre-K Kickers Program our core focus on grassroots soccer U5-U8: Recreational or "House" leagues, in which futbol clubs form teams that play each other. Scores aren't kept. These kids soccer games are small-sided -- 3v3 at youngest ages up to 5v5 or maybe 7v7. Childrens soccer clubs may also have "pre-Academy" programs or something similar for kids to get extra training with licensed coaches. U9-U10: The first year or two for "travel" in many states. Football clubs hold tryouts and put their top players on soccer teams that play neighboring teams. Some overzealous state organizations also have State Cup this young, in defiance of every U.S. Youth Soccer precept. U11-U14: Full-blown turf wars start here -- U.S. Club Soccer, U.S. Youth Soccer and various leagues therein. Your area may have five "elite" soccer leagues, and yet the top division of the main league is actually on or above their level. You may also have regional soccer competitions, and you'll definitely have national championships -- at least two of them, maybe more. It's a bit like boxing -- many belts per weight class (WBA, WBC, WBO, WTA, WTF) U15-U18: Development Academy and ECNL siphon off many but not all of the most talented players. That's less than 0.1 percent of the youth soccer population, but at least 10% of parents think their kids belong. Or they're just better but choose not play. Meanwhile, a lot of talented kids still play high school soccer so they can play in front of crowds that aren't just screaming parents and scowling scouts.
  • How long is a youth soccer season?
    There is no traditional season in youth soccer. Most states play a fall soccer season (September through November) and a spring soccer season (February through May). Many competitive clubs/academy may still play in a winter one season (December - January) and winter two (February – March) both seasons consist of 7 weeks each.
  • What is the youngest age a child can join a youth soccer club?
    Kids can start youth soccer as young as 5 years old.
  • Is soccer or football better for kids?
    Both sports are great at teaching kids the value of hard work, discipline, teamwork, but it should be obvious our passion is for soccer! :)
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